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Why Bookmarks?

Today, everyone uses more than one device, more than one browser, and/or more than one operating system. We use desktops, laptops, tablets/iPads, and mobile phones; we use Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Brave, etc.; we use Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc. Not only that, some people use “virtual machines.” Add to this the fact that transferring bookmarks from an old device to a new one can be a nightmare … or, we might not remember doing so before getting rid of the old device! So, with all these hardware and software technologies, wouldn't it be good to have all our bookmarks easily available and synchronized everywhere?

Why CarryLinks?

CarryLinks offers a secure and easy-to-use service via a website as well as a browser extension. It allows you to import/export, save, sort, search, share links and folders, check link availability and safety, shorten links, create QRs, color folders, access your bookmarks on any device, operating system, and browser, etc. Every user will have a private page to fully manage their bookmarks privately and a public page to optionally share links and interact with other users. Checkout the many features CarryLinks offers.

CarryLinks is the one place that keeps your bookmarks synchronized everywhere.