The CarryLinks browser extension (also known as plugin or add-on) enhances your experience online when working on bookmarks and gives you extra features beyond what the browser offers. See some of the features below.

Current Version: 0.19.0

Quick Overview

Extension Features

Below are some of the many features of the extension.

Import Bookmarks

Import your existing bookmarks from any browser into CarryLinks to make them available on all other browsers.

Create QRs

Create a QR for any page or link, scan it with your phone and continue browsing from your phone.

Shorten Links

Create short links; they are useful in many situations, such as when sharing links via social media.

Save Open Tabs

Save your open tabs into one folder and access them easily whenever you want.

Check Links

Check if links are broken or direct to suspicious websites that might contain malware or viruses.

Import from History

With one click, transfer all or some of the browser's history to CarryLinks.

Open Links Privately

Open links privately to stop the browser from saving the history, cookies, and information entered in forms.

Share Links

Easily share links on social media, via email, or on your public page.

Save from a Page

View all links on the page you are visiting and choose if you want to save all or any with one click.










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