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You can easily import your existing bookmarks from any browser to CarryLinks. From the User dropdown menu, click on Transfer. A window will open and will guide you through the process. The guide will show you how to generate a file that includes all your existing bookmarks. Then, simply upload this file from the same window and all your bookmarks will be saved on CarryLinks.

Either from the website or plugin, you can add a folder from the "Add Folder" button. You can choose a color for your folder and decide to make it public or keep the default as private.

When you open a folder, a menu will appear, giving you many options to manage the opened folder. You will be able to edit or delete it. Keep in mind that when you will delete a folder, all the links inside it will be deleted as well.

Yes; you can easily export your bookmarks from CarryLinks to your device. From the User page, click on the user dropdown menu; then, click on "Import/Export Links". From the new window, click "Export" and then "Download." The links will be saved in an HTML file that you can import to your browser.