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    Compatibility and Installation

    A browser extension (also known as "plugin" or "addon") is a light-weight software that is installed in browsers to extend their functionality beyond what the browser offers. CarryLinks has a robust browser extension that allows users to access and manage their bookmarks on all browsers without the need of visiting the CarryLinks website or app. In addition, it offers many useful functions beyond what browsers do.

    CarryLinks aims to provide compatibility with all major web browsers, ensuring a broader user base can access its features and functions. So, the CarryLinks extension is supported by popular browsers, such as:

    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox
    3. Edge
    4. Opera
    5. Safari (coming soon)
    6. And, many more

    The CarryLinks extension requires specific permissions to function correctly and provide its core features. These permissions include user authentication (so that you can log in to your account), bookmarks (so that you can import existing bookmarks into CarryLinks), and history (so that you can import links from the browser's history and clear the history). The permissions that CarryLinks gets from the browser are necessary to allow the extension to interact with your browser in order to manage your bookmarks, save and organize links, display notifications, and access browsing history to enhance your browsing experience and CarryLinks functionality.

    To install the CarryLinks extension, follow these general steps:

    1. Visit the extension page and click the "Download" button.
    2. This will take you to the appropriate page for your browser to install the extension.
    3. Simply, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

    When we update the extension, the version number will be shown on the extension page. Browsers update extensions automatically without any action from the user. Some browsers show updates faster than others. Alternatively, you can update the extension manually from the "Extensions" option of your browser.

    When you click on the avatar image in the top navigation bar of the extension, you will see a dropdown menu with the "Refresh" option. This option applies the settings updates you have made in the website/app to the extension. For example, if you changed whether to enable or disable duplicate links in the website/app, you will need to "refresh" the extension to make sure those changes reflected in the extension as well.

    To delete the extension, go to the browser's "Extension" option and click the "Remove" button.