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    Interactions and Engagement

    Following and being followed by other users is a valuable feature on CarryLinks that enhances your user experience and keeps you connected with others. When you follow a user, you receive notifications whenever they add links to their public page. Similarly, when you add links to your public page, your followers will be notified.

    You can view your followers and the pages you are following by clicking the "Followers" button in your Public page.

    Liking someone else's public page means you have included a link to the user's pulic page in your Likes page. On this page, you can conveniently access all the pages you appreciate in one place. You can access this page from your Public page by clicking the "Likes" button.

    It is important to note that liking a page does not lead to receiving notifications when the page owner adds public links. Liking a page is simply a gesture of appreciation for users who share links.

    Yes, you can write comments and reply to comments on your Public page or others' public pages.

    Yes, you can delete comments and replies you wrote on any page as well as any comments and replies on your Public page by simply clicking the trash icon next to the comment or reply.

    Suggested pages are public pages of other users who have shared links on their public pages. These suggestions help you discover new content and users on CarryLinks.

    You can share any public page, including your Public page by clicking the "Share" button.

    Yes, you can create a QR code for any public page, including your Public page by following these steps:

    • Click the "More" button below the banner.
    • Click "Create QR" button.

    To report a public page, go to the page you want to report and click the "More" button below the banner, and then click "Report Page." You will need to provide at least one reason for reporting the page/user.