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    Page Customizing

    When you create an account, you will have a User (private) page as well as a Public page.

    There many scenarios where a public page for bookmarks can be useful. Here are the main features of Public pages:

    • Hide your public page or show it at any time you want.
    • Display your profile image and banner(s).
    • Make links public for anyone to visit.
    • Share links to your social media accounts.
    • Check the number of clicks each of your public links has received.
    • Show your bio.
    • Follow and unfollow other users.
    • Like other pages.
    • Interact with other visitors via commenting and replying to comments.
    • Search other's public links.
    • View suggested pages.
    • Share and create QRs for public pages.

    You can change your profile image from the Settings page under the "Profile" category. The image should be in one of the following formats: png, jpeg/jpg, or webp. The higher dimensions, the better quality. When you upload an image, you will have an option to rotate and/or crop it.

    You can change your brief bio from the Settings page under the "Profile" category. When done, click "Update" and the bio will show on your Public page.

    Yes, you can connect your social media or personal website to your Public page from the Settings page under the "Social Media" category. On this page, you can also see the number of clicks your social media links have received on your public page.